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The first step to selling your home  is to select a Real Estate Agent to work with. How to choose a real estate agent is different for everyone. I am sure that everywhere you turn someone you know has a real estate agent they would like to recommend. While working with someones referral, relative or a friend might work for some. The main decision should be how the real estate will protect your interests.This equates to the real estate agents experience and systems that they have in place to help you the seller. To find out how a real estate agent will help you with the home selling process it is important to ask them a few questions.


Do you work as a full time REALTOR®?

When you are negotiating time is of the essence in most cases so working with a part time agent can hurt your chances of getting the most money for your home.

  • The Gonzales Team is a full time real estate team of agents who work in the local Las Vegas Valley market everyday. We have an extensive knowledge of the current market and what to price homes for to get them sold. We are also available through the entire real estate transaction.


How long have you been selling real estate?

Working with an agent with several years of experience in the local market is key to success in getting your property marketed to the many buyers. An experienced agent will be able to educate you on the best strategy for the area your home is in. This is important because each neighborhood, master planned community and Zip Code can be in a different type of selling market than the entire local market. Knowing this up front equates to no money left on the table.

  • The Gonzales Team has been in business in the Las Vegas Valley since 1995. Then in 1999 Ernie Gonzales came on board also as a full time real estate agent. Since 1999 we have been operating as the Gonzales Team full time successfully helping over 2500 clients.


Do you have a “Listing Consultation” process?

Working with an agent who does the work upfront in a listing consultation process equates to more money,  less time wasted and less frustration to you the home seller.

  • The Gonzales Team has set up a system to  meet with all our client’s to go over a needs analysis. This might not sound like a traditional approach to selling a home, however this counseling approach helps our client’s sell their home in less time and with the least amount of hassle because we know the needs up front. The counseling session takes approximately 30 minutes and we go over everything to help you get to where you need or want to be after the sell of the home.


What marketing systems do you have in place to sell a home?

Having a marketing system set up will ensure your property will be in front of more buyers. More buyers= a higher sales price and more money to you.

  • Thinking of selling your property? Because we are in the local real estate market everyday we will suggest the best strategies for preparing your property for sale. We have put in place a high tech marketing plan that will aggressively market your listing daily to millions of people around the world. We post your listing not only on the MLS but on all nationally syndicated real estate sites such as Zillow,, Trulia, Keller Williams Listing site and 100’s more. We will do daily internet marketing to drive traffic to your listing. Most agents do the minimum and just advertise your proprety in the MLS and put up a yard sign, we go above and beyond with our internet marketing and many websites that are dedicated to selling your listing. All of this online content will ensure that your listing will easily be found on all the major search engines by more potential buyers. More buyers = a higher sales price and more money for you!


How many homes do you sell in a year?

Working with an agent with experience in selling many homes a year is important however if they are a single agent selling many homes they will not be able to have time to answer the phone when you have a question.

  • The Gonzales Team averages between 60 to 100 transactions a year. However we have a team of specialists dedicated to walking you through the entire process.



Where do you rank in your office?

Working with a team who ranks high in their office is more than just working with an team who does a lot of business. It equates to a team that is involved and current in the market. What this means to you the seller is you are working with a leader who will make sure you are getting the best deal for you, fast and with less frustration.

  • The Gonzales Team year over year ranks in the top 1% of the 150 agents in Keller Williams Southern Nevada Office.



Do you have any special accreditation’s?

All real estate agents must get a real estate license and most, not all, must join the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) or National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). NAR and GLVAR members pledge to a strict code of ethics and a higher level of training. Some agents however take their education and involvement in the real estate community further to ensure they are on top of the market they work in.


  • All members of the Gonzales Team are members of GLVAR and NAR. Ernie Gonzales is the current Vice President of the Veterans Association of Real Estate professionals. Since 2007 Ernie has held a position on the Grievance Committee  and the Professional Standards Committee at the GLVAR. These two committees oversee complaints from other agents and the community about an agent who did not handle the transaction ethically. This helps you the Gonzales Team client’s because Ernie is aware of current situations that are plaguing our real estate community. Leah Gonzales has the following designations; Five Star REO specialist, VRM VA REO specialist, Five Star Short Sale Specialists, HUD Lead Base Paint Designation, Equator Broker Price Opinion specialist, (a BPO is like an appraisal or Comparative Market Analysis), Negotiations.


Why should I hire you?

How to choose a real estate agent can be confusing and choosing your real estate agent is key to the success of selling your home. You should ask all agents you are interviewing this question “Why should I hire you”? Don’t just settle for an agent who is going to list your home, put it in the MLS and put a sign in the yard because this is the basic level of representation. What you are looking for is how does this agent stand out from the crowd. An agent who is worth working with will have thought about the answer to this question and set up systems to go above and beyond your expectations of representation.


  • The Gonzales Team has worked hard to make sure that we have set up a high level Las Vegas Real Estate team of agents who are working towards meeting your goals. Our “Client’s First” philosophy is the foundation of our high level of customer service. We accomplish this through ongoing communication with our clients, systems to make sure we meet your goals, staying on top of the current market trends and technology and going above and beyond surprising you along the way. When you decide to find a real estate agent, you don’t just want to settle for someone who delivers basic service, you want a team with a high level of customer service, you want the Gonzales Team! 

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