Average Cost of a Home Inspection

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What is the average cost of a home inspection?

The average cost of a home inspection varies however typically between $300- $450. There are many factors that can change the average cost of a home inspection. Such as;

  • the size and square footage of the home and lot
  • Is it an older home?
  • Is it newer home with high tech gadgets?
  • Are there any additions to the home? Permitted or not?
  • Does the home have a pool or spa? Or both?
  • Is it a custom home with many features?
  • Is it a horse property?
  • Are there any out buildings? Such as barns, casita, pool house, etc.
  • Well or septic system?
  • Is it a fixer upper home?
  • Does the home have water damage?
  • Doe the home have an attic space?
  • Does the home have a basement?
  • What type of foundation does the home have?
  • Does the home have an attached garage or detached garage?
  • Does the home have RV Parking hookups or garage?

A home inspection is an important aspect of purchasing a home and should never be a decision that you make based on the price. In the long run the few hundred dollars that you save on a discounted home inspection or choosing to not do it all together could cost you thousands in the end. A good quality home inspector can detect areas of concern that you might not be able to see when viewing the home. There are a list of 15 questions that you should ask any potential home inspector that you are interviewing to inspect your new home. Find the list of questions here. Use the answers and what your needs or concerns are to pick your home inspector.

Just a quick story about how the average cost of a home inspection was far less than what the outcome could have been for one of our clients. One of our client’s who we were helping to purchase a home in Henderson hired a home inspection company to come out to inspect the home during the due diligence period. During the inspection of the 5 bedroom/4 bathroom 3000 square foot home the inspector detected a water leak under the foundation of the house. This water leak was not visible to anyone except the professional home inspector. The Seller had already moved out of the home so he had no idea that there was a water leak. Based on the home inspection report we were able to send the seller a repair request for the leak to be completely repaired by a licensed plumber. The Seller agreed and hired a licensed plumber to repair the issue. Once the repairs were made the seller sent an invoice on the letter head of the licensed plumber for confirmation that the repairs were completed to our satisfaction. The amount the seller paid in repairs turned out to be $2700. Way more than the $400 that our client paid for the home inspection. I tell this story to hope you will see that the average cost of a home inspection is not what should help you make the decision to get one or not.

There are thousands of local home inspectors and navigating through them can be overwhelming to say the least. It is always a good idea to ask friends and family for referrals. And remember to ask your real estate agent for referrals to home inspectors that they have used with past clients. Find a list of top rated Henderson Nevada home inspection companies here.

We would love to earn your trust to represent you when you buy or sell a Henderson Nevada home. Please contact Ernie Gonzales [email protected] or 702-291-8126.


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