Steps To Evicting Squatters

“Squatters can no longer be in control, because evicting squatters just got easier!”  exclaimed Ernie Gonzales. “For years we have had to play by the squatters rules to ensure that they got out of a property and not do unnecessary damage, now we have the upper hand.” Most real estate agents and homeowners have not learned the steps to evicting squatters since it is such new legislation.

Who Can Benefit From Steps to Evicting Squatters

When you are buying a home or selling a home it is naturally a roller coaster ride and if you are dealing with squatters it can be even more stressful. We thank you for taking the time to read our blog and hope it can be of assistance to anyone who is in need of evicting squatters from a property. This is good information to have whether you are buying home or selling a home.  

How We Used The New Bill To Evict Squatters in Our Listing

The Gonzales Team recently listed a home of an active duty military person who has been deployed out of Las Vegas area for many years. The US Army Sergeant was deployed to Iraq in 2008 for a total of 3 tours and has not been able to come back to Las Vegas to check on his home. Unfortunately, in the meantime squatters took advantage of the Army Sergeant’s vacant home and moved in using it for their drug abuse. 

The US Army Sergeant contacted the Gonzales Team to help him with the sale of his home. The Sergeant found the Gonzales Team’s information through the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals. He was still out of state so our first step was to visit the property for the seller to see the condition. When we arrived we were surprised by squatters who claimed that they had a lease from the owner to rent the property. They gave a sob story that they gave a security deposit and that they have been paying rent to someone for two months and had a year lease. Which is a common response from a squatter. Ernie requested the squatters to produce the lease to prove that they had the legal right to be in the home. Squatters love to make fake lease agreements or give excuses as to why they can’t show the lease. Such as, so and so has it and they are not here now, we lost it, we never got a copy of the lease but gave our money. Most have done this many times and they know the game because in the past at this point, whether they had a lease or not, the seller would have to offer the squatters cash for keys to get them to move out. Usually costing the seller an additional $500 to $4000, so that the squatters get out and don’t do anymore damage to the home. Before the new bill was passed this was just a civil offense and now it is a criminal offense so the police can get involved and we have other resources to help our clients and ultimately save them thousands of dollars. We immediately  contacted the North Las Vegas Code Enforcement department  who arranged to meet Ernie and serve the tenants with an eviction notice to be out of the property within 48 hours. The squatters claimed to the Code Enforcement Officer also that they had a lease. He explained to them that the bottom line is the owner hasn’t given them permission to be in the property, so if they want to make a police report on the person  who falsely rented them the property and took their security deposit they can go to the police department. He told Ernie that since October he has evicted hundreds of squatters who have all claimed that they have a lease and gave them the same advice and not one has made a police report.  At the 48 hour mark the Code Enforcement Officer, a North Las Vegas Police Officer and Ernie went to the property to confirm that the squatters were out. SURPRISE! They were still in the property. Since it is so new most squatters have not heard of the new bill and didn’t know that the laws changed to make squatting a crime instead of a civil offense. The North Las Vegas Police evicted the squatters immediately and they had to leave with everything they could carry right then and there. We secured the property by boarding up windows, doors and changed all the locks. The squatters were also given 21 days to contact Ernie Gonzales to make an appointment to get the rest of their belongings out of the home. They were instructed to not to re-enter the home and if they did they would be arrested for unlawful occupancy. Ernie made property visits  everyday to ensure that the squatters didn’t  break into the home. On a visit Ernie found one of the female squatters and her children in the backyard of the property. The two young children were dirty, hungry and had no water in the over 100 degree Las Vegas summer weather. The mother was drugged up and sleeping on a mattress she had dragged into the backyard. Several of the other squatters had broke the sliding glass door to get back into the property. Ernie contacted the police and they arrived right away and arrested the squatters for unlawful entry in the home. We were able to get the squatters out of the property so that we could get it cleaned up and list it for sale. So the Sergeant and his family could move on with their lives.

Evicting Squatters

Squatters have been an open sore to the  real estate community for many years. Squatters have been getting away with it for so long they have learned many tricks to make it difficult on owners and real estate agents. The local legislature finally took notice and in May of 2015 new legislation was passed. The legislation took effect in October 2015 and created  new crimes such as housebreaking and unlawful occupancy allowing the local municipalities the right to arrest squatters. This has made evicting squatters easier for homeowners. Repeat offenders can even be charged with a felony and can receive up to 4 years in jail. We in the real estate community are excited that the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas have answered our requests for help. For many years homeowners were told it was civil matter and we had to deal with it themselves. With  the city municipalities unable to help with evicting squatters. During this time squatters learned if they claimed that they had a lease, or even claimed they had a lease, that they would receive $500- $4000 for cash for keys to move out. This new law is saving homeowners and banks money. Since this new law took effect in October 2015 there has been several arrests and cases brought on squatters and homeowners are benefiting from the help.

With awareness and encouragement from the media and police calls reporting squatting have risen. This will eventually result in squatters learning that this is a crime that they will not be able to get away with any more.

Squatter statistics







Steps to Evicting Squatters

  1. Confirm that there are squatters in the property, by talking to neighbors, postman, and/or knock on door.
  2. Call city Code Enforcement to report that there are squatters in the property
  3. Meet City Code Enforcement at property and inform squatters they are in property unlawfully
  4. Code Enforcement will give them a deadline to vacate property
  5. Return with Code Enforcement and Police to confirm have vacated property, If they refuse or return police will arrest
  6. Change locks and secure all doors and windows in property so squatters do not return
  7. Return to the property everyday for a property check to confirm squatters did not break back into property
  8. Call the Gonzales Team if You need Help in this matter
  9. Note these are the steps we used to evict squatters there could be more or less steps involved when you go throught the process. We sure hope it is the latter and it takes less steps for you.

Contact Information To Report Squatters

Code Enforcement for City of Henderson

702-267-3950 Code Enforcement Office

Sgt. Kirk Moore – Handles squatting for the Henderson Police Department

Code Enforcement for City of Las Vegas

702-229-6615 – Code Enforcement Office

Code Enforcement for City of North Las Vegas

702-633-1677 – Code Enforcement Office



Referrance article-  Las Vegas Review-Journal here

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Las Vegas Housing Market


Las Vegas Housing Market Update – Last 30 Days

Henderson NV Real Estate Market Update

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Whether you are a first time home buyer, seller,  or investor knowing the current Las Vegas housing market statistics will help you with your real estate transaction. Prices have bounced back since our market bottomed out at a median sales price of $118,000 in 2012 however they are still well below the height of the market in 2006 of $315,000.  The Las Vegas Valley is no longer in a distressed property driven market. Since we have experienced a few years of appreciation, homes that were once under water are now able to sell without it being a short sale transaction. (Short sale is when the homeowner owes the bank more than the market value. The homeowner with the help of a real estate agent negotiates with the bank to take what the market value is as a full payoff.) Don’t get me wrong we still have foreclosures, short sales and auction properties that is just not the majority of our market at this time.

Price Appreciation per Zip Code

2013 2014 appreciation map


Explore more information on each Zip Code through our Market Insider Report

Henderson Zip Code 89012

Zip Code 89012 March Stats


Henderson Zip Code 89052

Henderson Zip Code 89052 March Stats


Get Market Insider Information  Henderson NV Zip Codes and Las Vegas NV Zip Codes

For the last few years the Las Vegas Valley housing market has been rebounding. In 2014 the median price for a single family home price rose 10% from $224,596 in January 2014 to $244,902 in January 2015. This increase is less than 2012 and 2013 where we had 24% increase per year. Currently we have over 10,000 homes in active status in the Las Vegas Valley, which is about a 4 month supply. Typically a steady market is considered a 6 month supply.

Zip Code Appreciation Map 3-15

36,550 total properties sold in 2014. This is the lowest number of properties sold in the Las Vegas Valley in the last 6 years.

  • 2013 – 41,477
  • 2012 – 45,698
  • 2011 – 48,798
  • 2010 – 44,045
  • 2009 – 47,685

Feb 2014 Appreciation map


Market numbers for the last 30 days;

  • median home prices fell 1.9% from $206,000 to $202,000
  • The average sale price fell 2.3% from $250,791 to $244,902
  • Homes sales are down 17.3% from 2,062 to 1,705. Total inventory, which includes active and pending listings, increased 4.6% from 16,689 to 17,465
  • Sales price Vs. list price ratio dropped by .2% to 98.1% from 98.3%
  • The average days on market increased 4.6% from 64 days to 67 days on market.

Market numbers for the last year;

  • median home prices increased by 9.2% from $185,000 to $202,000
  • The average sale price rose 9% from $224,596 to $244,902$
  • Homes sales fell 11.3% from 1,923 to 1,705Our total inventory, which includes active and pending listings, rose 22.9% from 14,209 to 17,465
  • Sales price Vs. list price fell by 1% from 99.1% to 98.1%.
  • The average days on market rose 12% from 60 days to 67 days on market.


Distressed Property Statistics

The Las Vegas Valley housing market is still experiencing short sales, REO’s and auction sales. They have an impact on the market however not as much as in years past. A Notice of Default is the first step to the foreclosure process. The Notice of Sale is what sets the date for the bank auction and the homeowners final notice of the foreclosure. After the filing of the Notice of Sale there are certain circumstances that they can be cancelled. Either there was a successful loan modification or short sale, a filing error or a legal requirement to re-file the notice.

Year over Year Statistics:

  • Notice of Default filings were up 38.4%
  • Notice of Sale filings were up 41.8%
  • Cancellation of Notice of Sale went down 26.6%
  • Properties going back to the bank went down 18.2%
  • Total number of properties owned by the bank went down 12.9%





Trustees Deeds Feb


The Las Vegas market has natural up and down cycles. As with most markets our market slows down in the winter months from November to January. Once the holidays are over we see a natural jump in listings. Our high selling cycle is from April to August. During this time we experience families relocating or moving up during summer break, snowbirds selling while they are not in the properties, and other sellers just taking advantage of the market.

Buyers and Sellers

What impact does the current market have on buyers and sellers? With more inventory buyers have more homes to choose from and more time to make a decision. Gone are the days of the multiple offers by investors. With our market being a stable market homes are not selling for over list price however as the statistics show homes are selling at an average rate of 98.1%  of the list price. Please keep in mind there are always exceptions to these statistics. In certain zip codes that are more sought after or for a home in great condition we see the market moving faster. For sellers the current market equates to more attention to the details. If you want to sell your house for top dollar and fast knowing the current market to price it right is key. With the steady appreciation the Las Vegas housing market has experienced the last 3 years the sellers market hasn’t completely gone away. However because buyers have lots of options, staging your property and making small repairs to make it standout is necessary.


With the interest rates still low and many buyers re-entering the market after a short sale or foreclosure the 2015 selling cycle is just getting started.

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The Gonzales Team will be able to go over the current market statistics to help you be on the cutting edge of your real estate transaction. We have put together a comprehensive consultation program to ensure that you are not frustrated and wasting your time. Our high tech world wide marketing will put your property in front of millions of buyers from around the world and our online search system will streamline your home search process. In the consultation we will dig deeper into the market statistics of the area and zip code we are concentrating on. If you are thinking of buying or selling and would like more information contact us at or at 702-291-8126 immediately.

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Information was gathered from the GLVAR, NAR and Fidelity Title